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How To Start Hiring

For Opportunity Providers 


Step 1. Create an account and select your service level - include service/package levels and account management benefits


Step 2. Post your opportunity  - include help from account managers to review and approve?


Step 3. Browse the best in fresh talent using our customisable search filters so you can find the best match for your team. Search by location, industry, skill set and platform activity Include can invite to interview or star and select ones interested in and account manager will invite


Step 4. Say hello to your new hire! img description
  • Why Spiela?


  • We are the leading platform for diverse talent. We support you in building diverse teams, proven to increase productivity and helping your business remain competitive. 
    ● 24/7 access to a diverse pool of talent
    ● Dedicated Account Manager
    ● Specialist candidate reports
    ● Paid Newsletter features
    ● 3 direct connections earn you an Amazon voucher
    ● Your first hire via the platform is free
  • We currently have a HR process?


  • We understand why you would say that. We are all human so it's not surprising we make mistakes. Without knowing so, your company may have a lot of bias towards a particular individual in the HR process which alienates talent as a result.

  • How can we help?

    The first hire on our platform is free πŸ˜‰

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Opportunity Providers FAQ's


    Spiela is an online platform for opportunity providers such as yourself to find the best diverse talent and opportunity seekers that typical recruitment channels may overlook.


    Spiela makes finding and hiring diverse talent simpler and more efficient for everyone involved, its easier for businesses to see at a glance which candidates would be most suitable, and then businesses can easily manage applications.


    Great Q. Our service is FREE to trial. When you match with the ideal candidate, the standard fee is 15% of the salary of the opportunity. 

    We also have other pricing options available that may be more suitable for your needs. Get in touch to find out more!


    Spiela was set up to help companies like yours hire diverse talent. For many companies diversity, whether it be cultural backgrounds, racial, gender, class is an afterthought. By not hiring diverse talent, you’re missing out on amazing ideas and huge increases in profitability (don’t believe us, check out the research 


Opportunity seekers use the Spiela platform to set up profiles. They can then use the job search engine to find job opportunities that they are interested in. They then apply to the relevant job opportunities through the platform. 

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Opportunity Seekers FAQ's


    Spiela is an online platform for both opportunity providers to find the best diverse talent that typical recruitment channels overlook.  

    Spiela makes finding and hiring simpler and more efficient for everyone involved, its easier for businesses to see at a glance which candidates would be most suitable to their requirements, and then businesses can easily manage applications.

  • For you? Nothing, it's free. Only people paying are companies who want access to your talent 



    A platform for people like you by people like you looking for the best diverse talent. We give you access to free workshops, events, networking opportunities, mentors and more to not only make you more attractive to companies but also a platform to help connect you with forward thinking companies and unique opportunities.




All you need to do is sign up HERE.


What types of opportunities do you have available for?


We are lucky enough to have an amazing network so hopefully we will have plenty of opportunities that suit your requirements. If there’s anything you don’t see but would like to, please get in touch with us