Spiela is an on-line platform created by individuals from diverse and under-represented backgrounds with first-hand experience and a full understanding of the requirements for equality in the modern world. With Diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do at Spiela, we connect talented people with like minded opportunity providers, enabling our members to break free and realise their true potential. We provide topical stories through our “in-house” team of talented writers and our members are able to share and exchange knowledge and collaborate on solutions regarding their careers amongst their like-minded peers. Revenues are generated through our partners who can advertise their training, upskilling, job opportunities and more through their partner portal, connecting them directly with our diverse membership. Our dedicated team at Spiela have worked tirelessly and for free over the past 2 years to bring this platform to life and realise its importance to a global community.

Our mission has already gained support from industry experts in entertainment & politics. The hope is that Spiela will be a household name in years to come, when the next prime minister, gold medallist, noble prize winner etc has been nurtured through all of ours and your support to become that star.

Brand new feature: Spiela Verified

1 Aug 2021

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Volunteer CRM Lead needed!

13 Aug 2021

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