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Ruben Pillai

2 months ago
Facebook has an estimated 2.45 billion users give or take 1 or 2 which is nearly a quarter of the planet…and on Monday 25th November 2019 at 10:30am little old Spiela were hosting our very own EduTech event aimed at getting young people more involved with technology and education as they get older and show them the opportunities which are out there for them if they are prepared to fight for them.

We cannot thank Facebook enough for their hospitality and help they provided during the day to make the experience something to remember for the 60+ young people from local schools who attended which included a tour around the fabled Facebook HQ which caused many a jaw to be dragged on the floor as they returned to event room along with a certain co-founder of Spiela also getting a selfie with Michelangelo (the turtle not the artist) 😊

As stated at the beginning this event was to encourage the youngsters in attendance (16-25 year olds) to think about their future after GCSEs, A-Levels etc and what they want to do in the working world.

It wasn’t all work though…as those who were not able to go on the tour were given the opportunity to win themselves some Amazon vouchers just in time for Black Friday! We asked our audience to create a profile on our website along with an amazing biography and the winner would be picked by the amazing Mr Reid.

Charlene Shaw (English Teacher and author of book ‘Fall in Line’) and Hakim Bukenya (Partner Manager at Facebook) were kind enough to present their experiences, highs, lows and advice to an eager to learn crowd who kept our speakers on their toes with a range of topics varying from questions about the free Ice-Cream bar in Facebook HQ to the importance of mentorship and how getting the right mentor can really open your eyes on how to go about things…A few individuals even plucked up the courage to ask some of the Spiela team if they would be there mentors going forward. 😊

By bringing these young people in from the local community we were able to show them the futures they can have if they work hard and if they take a chance on themselves to do the best that they can. Fundamentally the event was to ensure that people from underrepresented communities are present and have access to opportunities to break into tech and education.

And judging by the photo taken in front on the Facebook wall along with the smiles radiating off everybody it is safe to say that the event was a success and we hope it is just the beginning for Spiela in hosting more events like this but more importantly it is just the beginning for these young people on their journey to greatness.

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