Has Covid 19 taken us back to the 1950's?


Posted by ruben-pillai

Covid-19 brought a new type of problem/logistic for families around the world...

Homeschooling and the gender pay gap issue that could arise...

Take your standard 'family' in the UK - mum, dad, 2 young kids and a pet of some sort

The parents both have full time jobs but also have to homeschool their children, but here is the conundrum...who does the teaching?

because it seems that the lockdown has seemed to turn households up and down the country back to the 50's as the man 'earns' more so needs to be fully concentrated on work and cannot help with the kids, leaving his wife to teach the kids whilst working full time from home.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I talking complete rubbish?

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When you say 1950s, In which way are you referring to?
Posted 4 months ago
Probably Gender roles, we do not clearly understand the levity of the situation. We have in a way factory reset ourselves. We do not have any distractions at the moment and we are resorting to old roles due to everyone being in one space. we got to now make up the time. I however do not feel this is a bad thing
Posted 4 months ago
I feel as though its a bit of a reach to think that those gender roles are happening right now. Parents are probably just trying to adjust to their new schedules which may not be "traditional" seeing as we're in unprecedented times.
Posted 4 months ago
Erm...I disagree
Posted 4 months ago
For the most part both parents in a household are working so I dont see why both parents wouldnt be doing the homeschooling or cooking/cleaning
Posted 4 months ago
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