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Can the Government survive Covid 19?

Has anybody stopped watching the Coronavirus updates at 5pm everyday yet?

I am not going to lie...I stopped after a day or two, because I honestly feel that I would get a more truthful answer on Twitter from a newborn than the government right now. 

My question is, if there was to be a general election tomorrow would those who voted Tory keep them in power after this debacle or do the pound signs still linger in their vision?


11 May 2020

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Mercy Posted 6 months ago
Of course they can. What kind of question i that? Not our governments though. Boris and Trump have proven then ineptitude for a long time now and its rather a shame people are only acknowledging this now. Those two are the poster boys for "Idiots can dream to" The handling of covid-19 has been nothing short of a disaster and my heart weeps for those suffering at this current time. I would only hope no one actually keeps them in power and if you do may god grant penance on your soul
Jacob Posted 6 months ago
Mercy, to your point the government are only dong the best they can. Consider the circumstances, its unprecedented. This is something we have not experienced in the modern era, are you suggesing you would possibly have all of the answers..
Romel Posted 6 months ago
Jacob Posted 6 months ago
Robyn Posted 6 months ago
I have stopped watching ever since that "speech" haha
Samuel Posted 6 months ago
I try to keep up with the news but I dont tune in everyday, I want to keep a balance between being up to date and not being too depressed by the death count
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