Don’t worry…Be Happy!


Mental Health…up and until a few years ago was a taboo subject, and even today in 2020 is still somewhat a topic which a lot of people are not comfortable in talking about…me included up until recently, probably because I, like many other people have suffered from mental health issues in the past and felt scared or ashamed to talk to someone about it or even acknowledge them.


From my side, I have always been an outgoing person who had more than the occasional moment of madness whether it be doing a snow angel during the middle the day at work thus having to spend the rest of the day sat in shorts and t-shirt or swapping clothes with a random person I met in a club in Manchester for an hour of the night – most people would see this as maybe attention seeking or just someone having a good time. From my own point of view, it was merely someone trying to hide their own insecurity and anxiety issues, and what better way to hide your insecurities by doing something completely and utterly crazy that know one would think there is anything wrong in the first place? Sound familiar, sound like someone you know or even sound like you?


If the answer is the latter, then you are not in the minority…in actual fact you are probably in the majority. It’s ok to let people know if everything is not ok anymore – whether it’s your first interview and you feel nerves will get the better of you, if it’s a self-confidence issue or even if it is something as not being able to properly write a CV…that’s what Spiela is here for, to help and support you through all of it.


I know from experience that no matter how many loved ones you have around you, it is still very easy to feel very alone and isolated, and putting on a front is the easiest of way to deal with things, but in reality it’s not the best, as sometimes you think by doing that you are protecting the people around you, when in fact you are only pushing them away by not letting them in.


If I’m honest, I could probably go on for pages and pages about my experiences and the things I did to try and cope, and how I eventually sought help but I don’t want to use this article as a me, me, me piece (which up until now it has been).


This article was meant to be two-fold in letting you know everyone suffers from mental health issues at some point in their life and it is ok to let someone in and help…


The second is that quite simple…and it’s my advice of ‘Don’t worry – Be Happy!’ Life is too short to worry – just try and be the best version of yourself. I know it is sometimes easier said that done, but we are the masters of our own destiny and can do anything. ????

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Posted 2 years ago

Mental health will always be something with an affect on me. It affects us all but not all of us have the appropriate means to seek support. its okay to go for help but at what cost, what means, how much can and will be done? Frustration lies in the multitude of failings and lack of understanding on such a topic.


Posted 2 years ago

Thanks for this. Lots of information to take away and opportunity to do better mentally. For me , daily my anxiety kicks off and in need of constant releases. The feeling of feeling stuck brings about such an irrational fear. Does help to talk about it and just dump it.


Posted 2 years ago

When you're spending all your time at home its hard to ignore the things you've ignored for so long.


Posted 2 years ago

Opening up can be very rewarding but easier said than done


Posted 2 years ago

We have really come a long way speaking about mental health on social media. There are so many helpful tips everywhere which is ironic because I think spending so much time on my phone is what is driving me crazy hahaa. How do you find a good balance?


Posted 2 years ago

Brave of you to share this, it takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable


Posted 2 years ago

As a man, speaking up about mental health is something I would do with close friends or family but I guess we all have to start from somewhere