Can any good, if any, come from Covid-19?

Posted by ruben-pillai

We all know the situation is not a good one and the goverment has handled it with various degrees of success etc...ok I lied they have been abhorent if we are totally honest, but during this time there have been some heartwarming stories on how communities have come together to help, working from home has become the norm,society is slowly adjusting to a new normal...but my question is does society always have to 'break' before change for the better happens or can something be done beforehand?

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Yes i believe so Allows us to calm down to stop assess what we are doing with ourselves. Have you had time to check with what you can improve upon? Are you thinking of your 5-10 year plan? What more can you be doing what right now while the world is paused?
Posted 2 weeks ago
I think a lot of good has come from it so far, we've all been forced to be reflective and calm down like you said Ivan
Posted 6 hrs ago
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