Coping with Covid 19


As you may have seen that there have been a few posts on the community page in regards to mental health in general and also the effect that it is having on people during the CoronaVirus and subsequent lockdown with people having varying degrees on how they are coping and what they are doing to stay mentally sharp.

So here is where I throw a bit of a curveball...

I was listening to a few different podcasts this week (P.s. you should really check out our Bedroom 2 Boardroom one...hint hint)...anyway on a couple of them it was said that people with anxiety seem to be coping with the whole CoronaVirus situation better than people who do not really suffer from this...and as a person who on occasions suffers from crippling anxieties amongst other things I couldn't help but look back at my own behaviour and to be honest I have found it quite easy with lockodown and the whole situation, this is probably because I spend most of my time worrying about things that will never happen, thinking about worse case scenarios, always on edge when the phone rings thinking its bad in my head with CoronaVirus here and basically being the worst pandemic to hit planet earth in years I felt suitably prepared as I feel I was vindicated in worrying...not healthy at all on my part but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I have somewhat been able to see through the mist and fog for a clearer picture.

Has anyone found this to be true? Or are you the opposite? Have you found this really tough? Let us know below.

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Posted 2 years ago

I'm definitely finding it tough, all my distraction were keeping me afloat so to speak so with less of my everyday tasks I find that my mind is just running overtime.


Posted 2 years ago

I've actually found that some people with mental health issues are using this time as a "break" eg those who struggle with social situations aren't really in those situations anymore therefore aren't struggling as much with the anxiety.


Posted 2 years ago

In the beginning it was really weird to get used to but now I'm coping better and just trying to see the bright side of things