Just shine in the interview process tbh


In my time, I have had so many jobs,


I have gone from free work to being paid a lot of money. Biggest thing i learnt to doing this was adapting to what was needed in my role even if i did not necessarily have the experience or know how.


You ever seen a job you want and stop and think "No point as i do not have the experience?" you gotta STOP right there and change your way of thinking.


Interview is all about perception. Seeing that you know what you are talking about. a simple google search about your role before the interview about that job can go along way to securing the job. Next step is to learn on the role.


Its no secret that jobs hire you based on you as a person, can this person fit the "culture". They know you can work hard, you just gotta show you can be trained and willing to LISTEN. Really listen to understand and not even respond ( most of the time you never need to respond too much to a request a simple yes or no will suffice)

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Posted 2 years ago

Interviews have always made me really nervous anyway so the thought of applying when I feel under qualified feels like I'm setting myself up.


Posted 2 years ago

Sometimes you need to fake it til you make it, your interviewers will run with whatever confidence you show them


Posted 2 years ago

Totally agree, some employers will even accept less than the requirements than they have advertised. It just depends on the sort of person you are and if you're up for the challenge.


Posted 2 years ago

Personality plays a masssssive part as employers want skilled workers but also want a team that gets along and work well together