How To Impress Your Interviewer Before the Interview


Impressing your interviewer during an interview is hard enough as it is. That’s why you should make use of impressing them before the interview – that way you can lessen the pressure on yourself.

Remember that saying – first impression counts? It really does. So that’s why I’ve discovered some tips to land you the job even before you meet your interviewer. Let’s go!


Ask clarifying Questions

Being prepared is better than being unprepared. Sounds simple, right? So don’t be afraid to ask a few questions in an email, even if you think it sounds annoying.

Reality check – it’s not annoying, so long as you ask your questions concisely. Ask away. From my experience, I’ve asked things such as “what topics will we cover”, “who will I be interviewing with” and the like.


Offer a Wide Range of Dates

Scheduling an interview takes as long as the interview process itself, if not longer. That’s why you should try, and notice the stress of try, to be flexible with your timing.

Clearly, if you genuinely can’t find times beyond late afternoon for example, then let them know. But to make a good impression, finding dates and times that work for both of your will work wonders.


Be Kind to Everyone

Even if the HR person or recruiter will not be the people making the final decision, it does no one any harm to be courteous to them.

They still work for the place you want to work at, they still can and do send information as to what you’re like, how you personality comes through and your skillset. Be genuinely kind, but not obsequious.



That about wraps it up for this article, but the takeaway is to show you’re open, curious, and kind.

Asking questions shows you’re interested in the position, being flexible shows you’re open as a person, and being kind, well, shows you’re going to be an awesome person to work with.


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