Do you want fries with that?


So as you will have seen that the job market has been massacred beyond belief with many, many people having lost their jobs with some lucky people having been furloughed until further notice, but my question is would someone who had a well paid, social status job go from that to stacking shelves or becoming a delivery driver, or would pride or something else stop them from doing that.

And before you ask, I had no problem in doing that as I was in the exact same position but am now working as a delivery driver whilst looking at the positives that I get to go out during lockdown and enjoy the sunshine. you want fries with that?

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Posted 2 years ago

I think it depends on your outlook in life. Just 3 weeks ago I was applying for work at the NHS Nightingale Hospital as a cleaner when my new job fell through suddenly due to covid-19. Yes I was concerned about how this would be viewed by my colleagues and peers and also in my CV going forward, but for me that was pride and ego and the fact was I needed to earn money for my family. People that know you will respect your intentions and the ones that don


Posted 2 years ago

Oh ego would definitely come into play but seeing as these bills don't let up people will have to put their pride aside and apply to whatever jobs are paying. At least its a secure income!


Posted 2 years ago

It will cause some upset but until we can find a way to navigate the job market in this climate you may have to do a job that is "below" your skill set for now