How To Answer These Common Interview Questions in Style


You’ve worked on your CV, and you’ve researched the company. You’ve told yourself a million times you’re fine. You’re prepared.

And yet you can’t shake off the nervous energy because you’ve always struggled to answer those pesky interview questions.

Well you can say goodbye to those nerves as this article will help you comfortably and confidently battle your way through the questions. Relax and keep on reading.


What makes you the right candidate?

In other words – why should they hire you?

If the role relies more on soft skills, explain why those relevant skills will help the company achieve its mission. For example, your high work ethic will improve productivity, which will therefore increase sales.

If the role is more technical, explain why those skills make you a strong candidate. Always highlight your strengths, expertise and knowledge you would bring to the company. Assume you know more than they do.

Takeaway: relate your skills, soft and hard, to the company’s mission.


What is your salary expectation?

You’d be surprised how many get stumped at this question even when candidates have a number in mind.

If you still need to know more about the role and responsibilities to gauge a salary range, then tell the interview so. It’s better to research the average range than to potentially blurt out a number that undersells yourself.

Once you give a range, ask the interviewer if this fits within their budget. It’s better to start with a salary higher than what you’re looking for and then negotiate it down than to give your desired salary off the bat.

Takeaway:  It’s a two-way street. Start high and then find a middle ground for you and the company.


How do you handle stress?

What the interviewer wants to know is whether you can handle multiple tasks on the job. Realistically, especially in start-ups, some tasks will have to be put on hold for other more important and pressing ones.

Answer by giving a specific time where you had multiple tasks that were comprising the quality of your work. Show how you took leadership by talking with a colleague or manager about how you made the work more manageable while also maintaining high-quality work.

If you can’t think of any story, then simply imagine how you would handle stress in the role you’re applying for. 

Takeaway: The interviewer wants to hear how you stay calm under pressure. Take a step back, compartmentalise the process, and show positive results.


Tell me about yourself

This old chestnut sets the tone for the rest of the interview, so it takes some skill to answer.

One way to answer this is to explain how you became interested in your desired career. For example, as a Content Writer you could explain how your love of reading naturally led you to start your blog.

Another way is to start describing your career history succinctly and end with why you’re applying for this role. Some interviewers specifically ask from your present backwards, other interviews ask for the reverse. Regardless, describe your history and achievements succinctly while reminding the interviewer why you’re a good fit for this role.

Takeaway: Describe your achievements and success in your work history. End by saying your experiences makes you a strong candidate for this role.


Why do you want to work with us?

This is your time to show off what you know about the company. Scour their website, about us page, LinkedIn and social media posts.

Find something that genuinely appeals to you. It could either be how you care about the company’s mission and want to do your part to reach it.

It could also be how the specific industry truly fascinates you and you’re looking to work in that industry for the long-term.

Takeaway: Research the company, find commonality and explain why you want to work with them for the long term.



You’ve put in the effort reading this far, so remind yourself that you’re closer to your goal of acing the upcoming interview.

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