5 Small Goals to Further Your Career Development


Maybe you’ve big plans for your career. Maybe you’re looking to change careers entirely. Whatever it is, the best way to achieve your big goals is through your small ones.

Small goals are actionable. And because they’re small, you can do more of them, making you feel way more productive. This article reveals the practical steps to take to ignite your career development. Keep on reading.

1.    Start a Personal Project

If you have a hobby, start a project and complete it. It can be as small as you want – a portfolio to show off your photography skills, a short story to ignite your inner Dickens, or maybe redesign your living room.

Not only could you earn money from a personal project but you also learn a new subject with no deadlines. In other words, you push yourself because you want to, not because you have to.

2.    Better Your Networking Skills

Involve yourself in networking events, product launches and webinars in the area(s) you want to develop. This is by far the best way to further your career and connect with other professionals.

By meeting thought leaders in different industries, you learn directly from the people who know what they’re talking about. A natural by-product of networking is a boost in confidence, so you have to ask yourself, what do you have to lose?

3.    Improve your Soft and Hard Skills

Test yourself by learning a new skill from a different industry. If a month is too long, target yourself to be skilled in different software, another programming tool, or a new CMS platform.

Stuck on what to learn first? There are thousands of online courses to get you started. Click here to see what’s on offer.

You never know when these skills may serve useful, especially when you want to change careers. Soft skills are always transferable, so improve them, day in and day out and you will see results.

4.    Tidy Your Workstation  

There’s a reason why people say to make your bed. It starts your day off with a productive mindset. The same goes for your workstation.

Organise your desk and you’ll end up spending more time on the necessary tasks without the faff. And remember you’re working colleagues – they’ll respect your organisational skills and will appreciate your effort to be more productive.

5.    Strive for a Work-Life Balance

Look for a career that offers you a good work-life balance. Yes, your career is important. But so are your mental health and overall wellbeing.

It’s not about comprising on salary or family. It’s about preventing burnout while also living a fulfilling life. And part of what makes life fulfilling is having a life outside of work.


These small goals are small if you make them a habit. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day (yes, you do have time) to work on goals.

Your future self will thank you for it.



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