Finding Hope


It can be heart wrenching when almost all your efforts are not yielding the desired results. It even becomes worse when the people that ‘you feel’ aren’t as hardworking as you are start living the life that you dream of. Feelings like jealousy, anger, resentment begin to creep in and you find yourself losing it.

You read other people’s success stories and question every ounce of your being. You doubt your talents and skills. You subconsciously become a naysayer and a shadow of your ‘enthusiastic self’. Then there’s this overwhelming feeling that traps every spec of optimism left in you until your sighs turn into tears. Oh the mental anguish this brings!

It takes a great amount of faith to look past all your ‘failures’ and still have the undying hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It takes courage to keep going despite how stacked the odds may be against you.

But you see that faith? You need it.

And that courage? Please find it.

Progress has never been borne out of idleness. You need to challenge yourself, go the extra mile, bet on yourself, and believe that your breakthrough will eventually come. 

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