Will recruitment change as we know it?


I have never worked in recruitment so I won't insult your intelligence by trying to explain the ins and outs, but we have all applied for jobs, so we basically could assume that when you apply for a job, it is seen by a recruiter/hiring manager who will then analyse your application against the job and your experiences etc, to which if you are a match they will get the ball rolling on a more detailed job spec, possible telephone interview, then face to face interview, possible scholastic tests etc with the end goal of getting a job offer...

But with the current climate having changed so dramatically will the 'normal' recruitment process that has been used for x amount of years about to be torn up and thrown in the air to be replaced by something completely different...for instance will they ask now for a medical test for covid-19?

Let us know your thoughts now in the comments below...

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Posted 2 years ago

And using WebCams for interviews for some time now so I think that will increase. The whole office tour thing and team induction might be at the window though. Getting to know your work team I think will be the biggest challenge for new starters


Posted 2 years ago

Society always breaks to start again. There is something in the fact that we have many events in the world which affect our way of living. This is one of them. Key thing is to now play to your strengths and prove you are just as useful in the office as you are outside of it.