Learn Thousands of Skills with these 5 Popular E Course Providers


It’s easier than ever before to learn a new skill at home. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and, arguably the most important of all, motivation


It may be easier, but it’s also difficult to know where the best places are to go – until now. Online courses are one of the best places to gain professional experience for just a small price, and with remote working being normalised, the value for money is staggering. 




Considered as one of the most prominent and largest online course providers, Udemy offers a huge 180,000+ courses in a wide range of categories. 


Udemy’s most popular courses tend to be in technology and business, but you’re more than welcome to dabble in marketing and creative writing. 


Check Udemy’s prices here




Maybe you’re on the artsy side and want to hone in on your Canva skills or want to get stuck in copywriting. 


Whatever your niche, Skillshare offers 21,000+ course that is specifically targeted at the creative industry to help you become the next YouTuber or Instagram influencer. It’s also a really cool place to build a community and interact with fellow students working on the same project.


Check Skillshare’s prices here. (Some classes are free!)




Working with top universities and institutions from across the world such as Imperial College London Google and Stanford University, Coursera provides you with courses that are in line with the current job market. 


With data science, programming and software development being the most in-demand courses, Coursera is a great investment to help you land your dream job. 


Check Coursera’s prices here.





Although FutureLearn launched its first courses in 2013, therefore making it a youngster compared to the other course providers in this list, it offers arguably the best value for money when it comes to pricing. 


What’s more, FutureLearn is more than just a course provider to boast about in your CV. It truly focuses on education, learning and education no matter your career ambitions and academic abilities. 


Check FutureLearn’s prices here.





Yes, you’re right, YouTube does not specialise in online courses, but, and it’s a big but, it is one of the best places to learn for free. 


The online courses that YouTubers provide are endless and the great part is you most likely already use this platform. However, instead of just watching entertaining videos, you can start educating yourself instead on a whole world of new subjects.


(No prices to check because it’s FREE.)






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