The Five Skills You Need To Make It In the Creative Media Industry


So you got your sights on the media industry, but now you’re wondering what types of skills you need to really kickstart your media journey.

Maybe you’re looking to work in film. Maybe radio. Or maybe interactive media tickles your fancy like apps and games. Whatever area, you need the following five skills (including soft and hard skills) to ensure you’re fit for the role.


First and foremost, you need passion. From an outsider’s perspective, the media industry looks glamourous, but anyone within the industry will tell you that a lot of hard work goes is needed behind the glitz and glam.

What you need to motivate you in the media space is genuine passion, whether that be a drive to build a brand or a push to achieve the company’s mission.

Google Analytics

The media industry is about data as much as it is entertainment. If you’re looking to be a social media manager or a copywriter for a media brand, Google Analytics is a must-have.

You need to learn and understand the do’s and don’t’s, the causation and correlation of your work. Ultimately, it is a great tool that increases traffic to your platform, but it is only as good as the person using it. In a nutshell, you need to demonstrate an ability to parse data and create an action plan from the research.


This is more directed to social media enthusiast who wants to plant a career in that area. Not only should you be able to gain and attract followers, but you also need to learn how to keep them engaged – you can’t go work with a couple of emojis and puns.

Brands are eager to hire someone who really does think outside the box and create campaigns that get customers excited, informed and ultimately engaged. Put simply, you will achieve the brand’s goal with new and fresh ideas.

Photo and Video Editing

It goes without saying but you need to be quite savvy with editing software like Photoshop, Canva and Final Cut Pro. Especially if you will be working in the digital sphere of media and marketing, your skills will be more than necessary in slicing and dicing content to produce high-quality images and photos.

If you’re not so comfortable with these tools, there are plenty of online classes you can take on Skillshare, Udemy and even YouTube to up your skills.

People Skills

Working in the media industry will mean you will work alongside clients directly. This may mean sometimes conducting interviews, recording films in-house, or meeting clients to improve on the brand mission.

You need to learn how to land a deal whilst also communicating naturally. You don’t want to come off as a snake-oil salesman, but rather a sincere (and fun) individual that has what it takes to do your job.


These five skills are important if you want to land a job in the media industry. Beyond the veneer of showbiz, the media industry is far more demanding than you might think.

But, there’s plenty to learn. Heck, you’re showing progress already by coming here. So good luck and get practising.




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