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Wanted: Volunteer Content Writers!


Do you get excited about writing? Are you into today’s social issues? Do you want to help fight the spread of misinformation? And are you an advocate for inclusion and diversity? Then this job is something for you!

We at Spiela are looking for a new content writer who wants to join a team full of like-minded people who write and post about the previously mentioned topics.

Spiela is a social network which provides access to opportunities ranging from mentorship, job opportunities and think pieces from members of creative and tech industries. We also invite influential people from those industries to provide insight into how to progress in your field, maintain balance and collaborate with others.


- Proficient in English

- Excited about diversity and inclusion

- Excellent communication skills

The job is currently volunteer based and working from home but we are well on our way to monetisation and going into an office.

If you think you are perfect for this role then apply now!

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