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Five Soft Skills That Employers Look For


You may be good in your specific field, whether that be graphic designing to good old fashion email marketing. Regardless though, soft skills are equally important precisely because they are needed no matter your job title.


Keep reading to discover just some of the soft skills that you need to focus on if you want that job you’re looking for.



Whether you’re working at home or in the office, your employer needs to see that you're serious about your job, and part of showing that is being able to meet deadlines.


It’s not so much finishing your projects as soon as possible, but rather dedicating the most work to the tasks that take more priority. Being able to manage multiple tasks not only shows you’re serious about your job but gives you the ability to adapt when necessary.

Problem Solving 


Employers look for candidates that can solve problems. You need to be calm, collected and logical when facing challenges, especially challenges you have not faced before.


Moreover, if you can provide creative solutions to these problems, your employer will more than likely be impressed.

Team Player 


Even if your position is remote, there is no doubt you will be working with a team. This means much of your work involves having team meetings, collaborations and sometimes disagreements with colleagues.


Your employer needs to see you can work well with a team. No matter if your position is junior, middleweight or senior, you will need to work with people in various departments, including your own.



In contrast to being a team player, leadership skills require you to know what your tasks are without too much spoon-feeding.


You will need to ask clarifying questions, but sometimes you will find that the office is busy. During these times you will need to take some initiative and carry out your tasks s a responsible employee.



Now this is not really a skill per se. However, your employer definitely wants to hire someone positive in and out of the office. If you can take criticism without it letting be personal, then you’re on the right track.

Bringing positivity around the office is also a bonus since you’re more likely to attract positivity back. This also makes it easier to work together, so be sure to get on your colleagues’ good side. You never know, you might get invited to a few after-work drinks.

These five soft skills are some of the most important skills to land you a job as they are transferable in all professions.


Remember though, these skills will impress your future employer only if you have a genuine interest in the company in the first place. Keep practising these skills and you’ll find a job in no time.

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