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Now if you’re a working human on earth then at least once in your life you’ve come across the term Networking. And if you haven’t, you’re about to become enlightened to it.  

What is Networking?

Networking, as any great entrepreneurial individual knows is vital to becoming successful. Both as an individual and a business. The dictionary definition for networking is one: the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Then secondarily: the linking of computers to allow them to operate interactively. Either definition makes sense, and both are pretty much interwoven, with interaction at their roots. In layman’s terms, networking is all about connecting with others. In any job or industry, you’ll be told what is at the core of everything. Networking. From a coffee meeting with a client to conference with multiple. If you network effectively, then your job is done. 

Now that you know what networking is or have re-jogged your memory we can get to the juicy stuff.  

How do I network?  

There are numerous ways to network successfully and to be honest, it completely depends on which ones you prefer. Something as simple as a conversation with a new individual can be a a networking if you ask the right questions. Then there are industry specific seminars that are 

specifically for networking: these are mixing socials outside of work.  A group of people standing together

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Companies hold these when they’re looking to branch out their own reach and expand their professional relationships with a range of companies, hence why these types of events are only accessible to employees and potential clients. Other events include happy hour meet-ups, conferences, career fairs, community service groups or virtual groups. Since the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty of reoccurring lockdowns, virtual networking has become more relied upon by various workplaces. Companies such as PWC and EY had started holding virtual Friday evening drinks for their employees during the first lockdown in 2020 and have continued a similar event now. They hold virtual drinks, monthly, for all their employees who still work from home or otherwise.

Upcoming Networking events: Online and in London

The capital is always a buzz with events from all industries taking place in its various hotspots. Companies are aware of the importance of employee happiness is vital in projecting successful results in its performance.  PRCA is a prime example of public relations giant who are constantly hosting networking events around London for not only their employees but members of the site and 

anyone else who wanted to network. Their next networking social for creative individuals is online December 6th and is accessible to members of PRCA for free. However, individuals without a PRCA membership with need to purchase their ticket for a small fee. For the business minded PRCA are hosting an online session between 11am till noon about developing a business that is free for everyone. More details of these and all other PRCA events on their website (  

On the 7th of December from 18:00 till 20:30 at the Dream Factory, London, there is a completely free network social for creators and founders. Anyone and everyone are welcome with full details and tickets for the events on Meetups and Evensi. 

Another networking event happening in the new year, Jan 26th. This one quite unique as the event is boat party at Temple Pier, Embankment. These are the names of only a few upcoming networking events. As old companies grow and new companies begin, there are always new events being started or reoccurring ones. All these events are a simple search away, for anyone who is looking to expand their network or build new connections within other industries.  

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