Afronation Regardless of what you think, did create lots of opportun




Regardless what you think, it did do alot for communities. A small town made huge gains economically, lots of young people gained experience and all in all, was a huge success.


Roll on 2020, so much turmoil. This behaviour of Afronation typifies things that go wrong when someone bets on themself too much from previous highs, you become complacent. 


Now we do not know the full ins and out of why things are happening the way they are but we cannot deny how impressive the set up was and the amount of opportunities that where made. Good planning, right timing and a willingness to work hard are keys to success and finding opportunities. 


Do you think the same?

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Posted 2 years ago

From what my sister told me it was an amazing event and it had so many volunteers. upon asking how to be apart of it, was told expenses where paid and everyone involved felt really involved in the coming to of the project.