Mistakes Happen And Then What?

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25 Oct 2021


We all make mistakes.  They are an unavoidable part of life; a part of our human nature. Sometimes it can feel as though our past mistakes haunt us. It’s almost like they form part of our shadow, and whatever we do, we can’t get rid of them. It is a struggle letting go of them.

Then there is this terrible feeling that comes with making major mistakes in life and failing. Often times, we are so blindsided by the error that it takes months, if not years just to pull through. Nevertheless, mistakes happen so that we can learn from them and grow as individuals.

Mistakes are easier to let go of if we can recognise that they have a purpose. For instance, they could teach us that there are six other ways of doing something that didn’t work at the first try. We need to look forward and let go of what’s happened in the pastdwelling on our past errors only keeps us stuck.

Sometimes we may feel like we are unworthy of forgiveness but we fail to realize that people would never forgive us if they didn’t feel like we deserved it. We are tasked with accepting mercy and freeing ourselves from guilt.

While we may (un)consciously mull over our mistakes, we may also want to remember all the successes we had and the things we achieved. Taking time to reflect on the mistakes we didn’t make can also help us in forgiving the mistakes we did make.

Besides, whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Mind you, it is not about physical strength; it’s about mental toughness, emotional resilience and a spiritual awakening that can only be realized through an acceptance of our human weaknesses. It is on this pathway of acceptance that we can truly find understanding, growth, maturity, and of course forgiveness.  

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