Why Meetup is the Best Place to Socialise


You’ve had your fair share of dull days. Maybe working from home is taking its toll on you. Maybe lockdown has made you scared of going outside. Or maybe you’re just not into socialising.


But you definitely want to connect. You definitely want to make friends and you ultimately want to do things you love.


Let me introduce you to Meetup, an app I’ve used for 3 years now – and let me tell you, it’s changed my world for the better.




Put simply, Meetup allows you to join groups that share a similar interest, be it virtual or in person. If you’re into hiking like I am, then sign up to a group and roam the countryside while breaking the ice with like-minded folks.


You can join a ton of other groups. Here are just 7 groups (some of which I go to) to give you an idea:



Granted the list is a bit London centric, but you can find a multitude of groups in your area. But if you want to do something new at home, Meetup caters to virtual events as well.


Oh, did I forget to mention that the app is FREE? A ton of groups don’t need you to pay for anything. Simply show up and meet people.

There are other groups where you do have to pay, hiking groups for example because let’s be honest, the hosts put a lot of effort into organising the event.

So want to get off the sofa and experience something new? Sign up to Meetup here – you won’t regret it.

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