Black History month: Betty Campbell

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8 Oct 2021


Happy black history month!!! In UK we are celebrating black history and the wealth of black culture. Black people on a whole have been on what seems to be a never-ending journey to obtain the rights any decent human being is deserving of, today I want to briefly honour one of our nations' trailblazers, Betty Campbell! (Wales' first black female headteacher) Schools are generally more ethnically diverse nowadays but Betty Campbell had aspirations of being a head teacher in Wales at a time when it hadn't been done before. When she expressed her interest in being a teacher, she was told that her aspirations due to her being a working-class black girl were 'INSURMOUNTABLE 

Through her service in the community as a black teacher, black history, the slave trade and the South African apartheid became talking points in children's history lessons. Obviously being the first of her kind within the traditional schooling system she battled a great deal of racial inequality. Her accomplishments even took her to being an integral part of the UKs race relations racial advisory board. 

She also happens to be the only non - fiction female public figure who has a statue in her honour. She truly is a symbol of black excellence and proof that no matter what the colour of your skin is you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. 


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