Authenticity: Against All Odds

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29 Sep 2021


“To ‘be true to yourself’ is to consciously refer to one’s stable values, motives, and beliefs as one makes decisions which can be difficult when momentary social influences are insensitive or contradictory to these values and beliefs.”  Kennon M. Sheldon.

So many times, people are encouraged to bask in their originality and just be true to themselves. Yet, the environment is not very accommodating of humans in their most authentic forms. Truth is each person has a unique set of traits, inclination, and gifts. It is only when you align your life with them that you are more likely to live a satisfying or fulfilling life.

People driven by social conditioning tend to always feel the need to prove their worth.  This (un)consciously puts them in the spot to fill the deficiency needs of survival, belonging, and respect. At this point, human beings ‘have to’ do certain things; they really never see themselves in charge of their lives. The notion of choice isn’t present in their awareness.

Not sure if you’re staying true to yourself?

Well if you see yourself constantly motivated to avoid threats or backlash, this is usually a sign you’re driven by your social conditioning. Always seeking outside validation and forgetting that your main source of validation should come from within suggests a lack of self-awareness. No doubt, outside validation feels good but it shouldn’t be your foremost source of validation.

In a world that constantly sends you messages about who you ‘should’ be instead of embracing who you ‘are’, there is no quick fix to staying true to yourself. It is simply a process. You just have to see and fight through any sort of ridicule and judgement to live as your true self.



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Love this Clara, keep em coming!!