Need a Job? This Platform Will Guarantee You One in Days!


When it comes to finding jobs, you might think you've tried everything.  

You’ve sent CVs and cover letters in biblical numbers, yet to no surprise, employers don’t reach back.  

Let me tell you a secret – it’s not so much getting your CV out to a million people, but to connect with them, and connect well. 

So how do you go about doing that? LinkedIn my friends, LinkedIn.  

Most people assume LinkedIn is just another job board where employers post jobs and job seekers apply for them.  

To prove this assumption is wrong, let's go through the benefits of LinkedIn and why it is the best place to enhance your job hunting experience 

Easier to Network:  

LinkedIn is without a doubt the best way to contact and connect with potential employers and clients.  

After all, it is a social networking place that is technically a social media platform.  

You can directly talk with your employer, see what their activities are and get learn more about the company there and then.  

Increases Visibility: 

Even if you're not actively looking for work, simply by having a profile you will increase your chances of attracting recruiters and employers.  

Some roles aren’t even posted on job boards and ads, so if your profile is up to date and fits the description, you better give thanks to LinkedIn.   

I have first-hand experience of recruiters reaching out about relevant career roles without me ever making the first move.  

Helps to Brand Yourself:

LinkedIn is more than a platform to post your CV. It’s a remarkable place to brand yourself and show off your skills and experiences in greater detail.  

You can express yourself and tell your story without having to think about word count and page numbers.  

Remember, it’s YOUR profile, so be liberal with what you say and how you say it. 

Improves Your Knowledge:

Ever since LinkedIn introduced Skill Assessments in 2019, millions of people have used the tool to increase their chances of getting hired. 

It allows you to demonstrate your skills in whatever area that’s relevant to you. (Additional skills are a bonus!) 

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you can add it to your ‘skills’ section and also post the achievement as your latest activity.  

So there you have it. LinkedIn isn't a miracle social networking site that’ll land you your dream job right away. But if you use it right, you’ll find it much easier to connect and find employers, and dare I say it, find that killer job. 

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