Confronting the dangers of overthinking 2(solutions)


Well, the long awaited sequel is here; I'm probably the only one who was waiting but anywhooo let's talk about overthinking. Human beings are, for lack of a better word 'thoughtful creatures' research shows that the average human has 70,000 thoughts a day, perhaps for the overthinker this may be double or triple or the same amount depending on each and everyone's cognitive wiring. Overthinking has been said to cause high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Stressing out too much does have the risk of increasing the probability of heart disease; conversely overthinking has the potential to cultivate harmful habits such as excessive over eating, smoking, laziness(inactivity) and the like.

Overthinking often times has been directly linked to insomnia(sleeplessness), now without sleeping your body doesn't have the free course to repair things in that mode of rest. This in turn brings more ailments. There's more we can say, how overthinking can cause digestive issues, the loss of appetite, the loss of memory, so many things out there but you get the point as normal as overthinking may be it can be quite dangerous. None of these things I've mentioned here are made up, you must guard the walls of your mind and protect it against unnecessary wandering. 

How though, how can one combat overthinking?

DISTRACT YOURSELF: Many a times when overthinking is in full swing what is needed to tip the scales in the opposite direction is to distract yourself, try laughter, laughter releases endorphins that are good for the body, the irony is when overthinking you release the inverse, it releases harmful chemicals which are destructive to the body, the best way to combat this is laugh, like genuinely, not any kind of forced laugh, find something funny to watch and by force quiet the loudness of your brain you'd be surprised how well this works. Well, if laughter doesn't work distract yourself with something you love, something that makes you happy it will ultimately have the same effect on the brain and the body. 

TAKE A DEEP BREATH: Please do not misunderstand me, a bit of healthy deliberation is completely necessary, but if it comes to a point where the walls of your mind are coated in pessimism you are destroying your sanity. When it seems like overthinking is going to a very dangerous place begin taking deep breaths, in, out, in, out, in, out, this sends a message to your brain to calm you down, the effects of it will be felt tangibly as a result of it's tranquilizing effect. 

IDENTIFY THE TRIGGER AND SILENCE THE NOISE: Over the years I've found that overthinking always has a trigger, it could be what someone says, what someone has done, the remembrance of a past trauma, the anxiety of an upcoming event, it could be anything. You must identify that trigger and aim to silence that noise, practicing just sitting still and being thankful for what you have whilst calming music is playing has always done the trick for me. My mind is often times quite busy and its probable that I have some form of anxiety so I tend to take walks when stressed, change of scenery helps to revamp the minds wiring in a sense. What you do with your body will ultimately affect your mind, which brings me to my next point.

EXCERCISE: Eating bucket loads of junk food is not going to help the maintenance of your mental health, exercise, jog, walk, enjoy nature I promise you it's therapeutic and will keep you afloat. Much of the growing mental health issues of neuro-typical millenials and gen z is to do with chemical imbalances, exercise and eating well can deal with those issues. 

THERAPY: There is no shame in therapy, having someone to talk to who can help rationalize your ruminations in a healthy way is always the way forward when dealing with anxiety and overthinking. It doesn't mean you're crazy or have a problem it means you're human and as long as you are human you'll need help, and if that help comes from an empathetic human, why not? Talking to someone about your issues is not weak nor is it silly it can be the difference between untimely suicide and ever improving mental stability.

Try these out and please take care of yourselves don't allow anything to enter your mental space that will be harmful, if that means decreasing screen time please do, social media detoxes are very needful, especially in this time we are in. 

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Naeem Ali

Posted 10 months ago

Solid advice. Social media detox esp