Make the client's journey, yours

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15 Sep 2021


The digital world unlocked possibilities, and companies need to adapt themselves to the new reality. Internet, marketing strategies, and a global pandemic have demonstrated how quickly, and sometimes disturbing, context can change. This is why we need to update our knowledge, apply new procedures, and evaluate the outcome to increase our value in the market. One of the roads to achieve that is improving how we interact with customers. 

The relationship between a company and clients has been changing for the last fifteen years. We don’t talk anymore about customer services –implying that everything happens at the exact moment when a customer buys a product or service and finished there. We are looking for a connection with them, supporting them through the entire shopping process: searching the product/ service, comparing them between different options, buying the best fit, and evaluate the results. This is what is called customer journey, and there are many different approaches to liaise with it. But, how we can go the extra mile, and offer the best practice in this guidance?

Through what is known as the omnichannel customer journey. 

The digital world has brought websites, emails, apps, feedback forms, and others systems that can help us to connect with our clients. Here are 5 ways to improve omnichannel customer experience:

a.      Content

Every time we publish content about our company, we are presenting ourselves to the public. The type of content and the style of it is your watermark. You could choose to create content about international affairs (how your sector works in other countries); or educative content (and engage with customer by offering them knowledge); or sharing people’s experiences (and explaining how your product/ service has impact in their lives). You could also be serious, funny or dynamic in each of the writings. But who you are has to be always there. The tone, the words, the implications of certain phrases will be your watermark. That is why is really important to know your values, what your company is offering and how is presenting that information. Once we have this, we just need to apply it to all our channels.

b.      Integrate systems

In this era, we have the opportunity to use multiple channels to connect with our customers. Whatever we choose, they has to be integrated. They should be driven by our values, our watermark, and be in alignment with each other. They have to make sense. Each channel has positive and negative aspects, but they are different for each company. Make sure you choose the right channels to connect with your customer by knowing your customers first.

c.      Personalize the customer journey

Even if our content has personality, and our channels are integrated, we need to navigate with our customers through all of them. We need to know how to balance the information in every channel to don’t confuse the clients. What we publish has to be clear and adapted to each channel to simplify the process for the customers. But every customer is different. Some will prefer social media to learn more about our products, and others will search information in our blog. To be able to adapt our information, we need to discover how our customers behave.

d.      Data analysis: how your customers behave

Understanding your customer's needs, issues, and behaviour will picture us who they are. Once you know them, will be much easier to choose the channels, the content, your offers, and even the amount of emails you will send them. Know your customers, and welcome them into your business.

e.      Forever young

Keep yourself updated. Assist to talks, workshops, university lectures in marketing; read and learn about psychological procedures on people's behaviour; study your competence -build a relationship with them as well. Keep learning and trying new options. If something is giving you great results, don’t change it; but find a way to improve it. Do researches, or pay somebody to do it for you. Use what you know and adapt it to the new. There will always be a way.

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