Boys Will Be Boys: The Sad Mentality

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2 Sep 2021


Boys will be boys and that’s enough reason to excuse their misbehaviour? And if we decide to allow that notion to stay immortalized, what happens to their female counterparts? What excuse do we make for the girls when they err?

More often than not, women are condemned for the tiniest of mistakes but the men, somehow, get away with some of their wrongdoings. The ‘boys will be boys’ phrase is even sometimes used to excuse actions such as sexual assault or domestic violence. Boys will be boys so let’s pardon their ill doings and not hold them accountable, I guess. Who then should we blame?

Society, for a long time, has idolized and prioritized the image surrounding the male gender. This has gone on to place limitations on women and their freedom. Men are raised to be ambitious, outspoken, and possibly aggressive. On the other hand, women are expected to be submissive, gentle, and if possible, invisible. So when a girl acts contrary to society’s expectations, she is either criticized for behaving as a boy should or for doing too much.

Boys will be boys so they should be incapable of tearing up, feeling remorse or showing sympathy? Whoever said that being humane was the job of only women? The overly used statement has undervalued how boys or men can and should be of good behaviour. Day by day, children are being raised by the false ideals of true masculinity, leaving room for no accountability. At times, girls are under pressure to do good, look good, and be good. Goodness in this case refers to submission and obedience to social (mis)constructs. On the other hand, men just have one job― stay in control, by any means necessary.

Then there’s the partial moral code of conduct. There seems to be a bias when it comes to interpreting both sexes and their lifestyles. If a boy gets multiple tattoos for instance, he will most likely been seen as very attractive and more masculine. Contrarily, a woman with tattoos is treated with disdain; she is either considered wayward or said to represent all things indecent.

And so what if a guy should sleeps around? He is just being a guy. This same mentality can never be applied to a woman though. In such instance, she is termed a ‘used commodity’ and will probably be castigated for the rest of her existence. How sad!

Naturally, moral standards should know no gender. If one person is going to be slammed for committing a crime, it is only normal that another (irrespective of the identity) should be punished for committing that same crime. No in-betweens.

Summarily, there should be no excuse for unruly behaviour. Boys shouldn’t be boys at the expense of their female counterparts. They should not be allowed to hide in the shadows of toxic masculinity. They should, as humans, take responsibility and be held accountable for their (in)actions. At the end of the day, boys should simply be GOOD HUMANS.



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