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Did anything change after #BlackOutTuesday


On june 2nd 2020 there was literally a social media blackout where users posted black squares on various social media platforms in protest of the treatment of black people all over the world/wanting change in how things are...

I wrote a piece on it at the time - 
https://spiela.co.uk/community/detail/142 - and at the time I was quite emotional

In it was an impassioned response on what it was meant to symbolise and what change could/would happen after this protest...and if we are honest in that time has anything really changed? In my eyes, not really...there's always seems to be a current of movement in the waters but never a wave crashing down to break the cycle of racism. 

In the article it says that a year from now I will read the article and I may regret what I wrote in the emotional state I was in at the time...and to be honest having read it again after everything that has happened in the last year, do I regret it?

Nope...not one bit. 

And has anythinhg changed? If we are all honest, not really? But we must not give up, this is a fight we must continue to front up on. As the day we give up, is the day hate wins. We all need love...not hate. 

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Posted 9 months ago

Great post!!!


Posted 8 months ago

Fantastic read Ruben, thank you for posting