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Meeting People and Making Connections


Most of you can vouch for this – that as you grow older, as you leave university behind and arrive into the world of work, you disconnect from former friends and past lovers.

Your world is still bright and fosters joy because you also connect with new friends and lovers in the next chapter of life.

It’s true, people come and go, and only the special ones stay. But life can be different. Life ought to be different.

The question you have to ask yourself is this: who is the one disassociating from others, you or them? If it is you, then it is your burden to rekindle the connection, if it is them, then it is their burden.

Naturally though, you build connections with people because life without connections is no life at all.

There are only a handful if not fewer connections you still have from school or university, and those people are here for life.

You may rarely speak to each other but when you do, it’s like old times, that is, it feels like you only spoke to them yesterday. 

There are connections I could’ve made but didn’t. There are also connections I’ve made and fully appreciate. The best you can do is to put yourself out there.

Give yourself more opportunities and more space to meet people. These can be meet-ups. This can be singing classes. It can just be a simple work-do. Whatever it is, you’ll be happier for it. 

The several hikes I’ve been doing across has allowed me to meet so many more people. From there, people invited me to football, theatres and you guessed it, even more hikes.

So despite me not taking advantage of university a few years ago, in the present moment I felt I’m using all that social media can offer to make connections.

 If you feel like maybe there are friendships that died out, you don’t always have to salvage it. Things can come and go. All you can do is make sure you’re open to letting them in. Be open to change and be open to more experiences.

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Posted 9 months ago

Love it!