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BEAT DEPRESSION...(religion and mental health)


Sometimes life just doesn't go the way we planned it, sometimes life regularly feels like this, you apply for a job, nothing, you start a business, nothing, you express interest in a person, nothing, you reach out a loving hand to a friend, nothing, you pray a prayer, nothing. At times inactivity in ones life provokes you to believe that the way it currently is, is the way it will always be and that terrifying thought many a times causes depression. Depression is like being trapped in a small dark room with no electricity, no water, and no sunlight for comfort. It is dark, it is gloomy and when you are so closed in  with restricted sight it feels like you will NEVER SEE light(good things) so you become numb. You stop hoping for the best, you stop being optimistic. You tell people to stop being so idealistic and face the facts because nothing ever really changes, if you subscribe to a certain religious belief you stop thinking God is on your side and you just wake up every day, tired, but you manage. Albeit painfully, but you manage all the same. The past and future constantly swirling in your head, this person did this, should i do this? should i go for this opportunity? At the end you sink into despair because it is all just the same, nothing ever really changes anyway let's stop expecting it to. 

This is how depression feels, no one asks to be depressed, no one asks to feel as if their life is at a standstill but every so often this gnawing feeling of stagnancy occurs. What, then, do you do to rise above this rut? Let me provide you with a few tips that can help you. 


Now Professor google tells us joy and happiness are the same things but professor google in my opinion is wrong here LoL! Within Christianity we are taught that joy is a disposition, happiness is according to what is happening. So, you get a brand new job, you're happy, but even despite life crashing down you can still laugh at a funny movie, you're not exactly happy at that time life could be better but you're a joyful person so you laugh even when your situations aren't great. Practice joy, practice laughter. Your life doesn't have to be perfect to exude genuine joy. Don't wait for happy situations to occur to be quote and quote happy, find this ecstacy in what ever season you're in. Joy is just happiness regardless of circumstances. 


Shut your mind off  someway, try sleeping, try a hobby, go for a walk, listen to calming music, exercise, anything to get your mind off of the pain and anguish you're feeling. Silence and stillness is a position of patience and solidarity, many times I do this by praying but that's me, find what works for you, praying, to me eases my stress and pain and takes a load off, sometimes I feel as if no one understands my troubles but I believe God understands mine even if I prefer to keep them quiet, so I make a habit of talking to God like I would do a friend because a lot of the time I don't feel I truly have people around me who understand, this therefore helps and quiets my mind. Sometimes I use instrumentals, like prayer instrumentals and just sit still. This is called waiting, what am I waiting for? Peace in my soul, when that happens I go about my day as usual.


Another way I fight against these king of horrible thoughts is I try, to the best of my ability to imagine a better time, whether in the past or in the future. As pessimistic as I can sometimes be I try to imagine a day better than the one that I'm hurting in. Hurt isn't forever, and weeping only endures for a night, imagine better days. Trust me this is incredibly harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddd but try it. Music can help in activating the part of your brain responsible for memory, imagination and so on. Research has shown that music releases dopamine in the brain which is a feel good chemical. This can help you feel better about your situation. But be very careful much of mainstream music promotes harmful things, listen to music that is light on the soul so that you will feel less cluttered.  

AFFIRMATIONS: Whether you like it or not what you say or don't say is powerful. Sometimes negative thoughts can be so overwhelming, therefore learn to speak good things. 'I AM GREAT, 'I AM LOVED, 'I AM APPRECIATED' I AM BEAUTIFUL 'I AM HANDSOME' 'I AM RICH, I AM SMART, I AM ABLE' instead of I'm so useless, I cant do anything right. change that around and change the atmosphere around you by speaking life into your circumstances and life into yourself. 

Now I love mental health conversations and psychology related topics dearly but I'm no mental health counsellor, if you are struggling with depression or anxiety or anything of the sort consider consulting a professional or maybe attending a church(religious community) and seeking advice. The pandemic has been hard on all of us but trust me there's at least one person who understands. 


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Naeem Ali

Posted 11 months ago

I like the distinction between how permanent joy Is and how fleeting happiness is. Great work, and ‘happy’ belief in God helps you