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Put your Phone Down and Be Still


We’ve grown used to using our phones as a pastime to appear busy so as not to seem ‘unproductive’. It could also just be a way to rid the awkward silence when a conversation with a ‘mate’ isn’t going well.

While we are not naturally idle creatures, and so admirably strive to be useful, if not to others then to ourselves, this can cause dire problems.

Tell me, when was the last time you sat down and just listened to what’s out there? When was the last time you simply stood still and absorbed what’s in front of you?

The cars, the wind, the birds and the faint waves of laughter. Or what about the people walking by, the leaves and grass swaying,  the clouds passing? No time for that since our heads are glued down. 

 Instead, we take pictures of them. We take a glimpse of the real thing just so we can admire the scene through pixels, not eyes. Have you noticed how many folks will snap a museum artifact without reading the abstract beside it?

 I'm no better. I regularly listen to music when out and about, mostly for entertainment, but probably partially to cut out the silence. As much as we say we want peace and quiet, we fill our life and time with anything but noise.

 What’s that dire consequence I spoke of earlier?

 The loss of our time. We spend so much of it on frivolous things as if we have plenty of time to spend. The reality is though is that time sends us. 

 Although we shouldn’t live in fear and anxiety, we should also be wary of giving away a valuable resource to frivolous things, at least continuously. Live how you want to live, but know that you'll be gone before you get to enjoy one. 

 We need to think before we speak, listen before we inject music, breathe before talking for god knows how long. 

 Things can get busy; we can’t deny that. Let’s calm ourselves and ask an important question: “Is this really necessary”? – most of the time, the answer is no.

 We don’t need to use our phones all the time or say yes to things we don’t want to do.

 When indoors, hear the sounds you take for granted: the ticking of clocks and running water. If you’re drinking coffee, feel the warmth.

 If you have some minutes to spare, which we do depending on your priorities in life, then sit and write, sit and breathe, or better yet, sit and be.




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