Youth Empowerment

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18 Jul 2021


I would like to see a global change in youth development in my country and worldwide. Youths are the backbone of society, and without empowering the youths, we cannot have a bright future. The youths are the ones who will take up public leadership in the next few years, and without molding them to better people, we shall not have a well lead country or international leadership.

The youths should be included in all policymaking committees in the world. The youths are more digitally equipped than the older generation; thus, engaging them in policymaking will enable the world to migrate from analog to digital and develop the world at large.

The youth need to be educated and trained on development and policymaking. With this, we shall ensure that we have empowered our youths, who can then be involved in the decision-making process in the government.

Youths should be included in national and international development boards to help address issues affecting their fellow youths. Only youths know what problems youths are facing.

I started Kirimukuyu Youth Initiative in collaboration with local county government to help other youths have access to information they needed to prosper in business and educate on food security. Being the Youth Project Coordinator for the organization, my work involves overall coordination of youth empowerment projects in Kirimukuyu and recruiting youths into our training program. We are currently training the 2nd cohort.
The empowerment project recruits and train youths and women. After the training, the trainees pitch their business ideas to some successful entrepreneurs who helped us choose finalists to proceed for a six-month business Incubation in different companies depending on their business ideas.

We encourage our trainees to invest in what they have passion for, such as talents and other business ideas. The trainees first explain what they want to achieve in life. Then we help them build a business model canvas, create prototypes, and do the community test. With the feedback they get after prototype testing, we help them change where they found gaps in their business model canvas and make a pitch deck to prepare them for final pitching.We connect them to the more comprehensive network we have created over the years and through attending business workshops and helping from friends and government officials.

I engage local government in policy reforms to ensure that it puts more effort into supporting farmers. With the government's support, farmers have access to quality seeds and good infrastructures. I also involve water and energy authorities to make water and energy accessible and durable to farmers in areas where irrigation works well. Farming relies on a sustainable water supply throughout to ensure the crops don't dry or wither, and the energy is used farming from plantation to storage.

I have trained over 500 youths in a span of 3 years, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to start businesses and overcome unemployment. Helping the community makes me feel happy since it's great to mold entrepreneurs who will change the community, country, and the world. It also motivates me since I want to help achieve the World Food Programme goal of Zero hunger and zero deaths of children under the age of 5 due to malnutrition.

Most of my trainees have already been absorbed by various organizations dealing with community development and leadership. If I didn't motivate them to take responsibility for their lives and future goals, some would have ended up in crime or drug abuse. That's one of the outstanding achievements I have made in youth development policymaking. 

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