Helping Young South Asian Women Talk About Anxiety

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16 Jul 2021


Did you know South Asian women report a higher prevalence of depression and anxiety compared to any other ethnic group?

As a young Indian woman who has battled with her own mental health, I want to do everything I can to help end the stigma that such topics can face within the South Asian culture.

So, I have just recently created my first online group which is purely focused on helping young South Asian women talk up about their mental health, goals & aspirations and how to take back ownership over their mindset.

Inside the group, members will get access to:

 - Weekly live streams, where I share my own journey as well as tips and techniques

- Multiple value-based posts each week outlining mindset shifts and strategies

 - A community committed to coming together and supporting conversations

I'll be using my NLP and life coaching skills to help guide you.

You can join the group here.

Please feel free to share with anyone you think could benefit from this.

Lots of love,

Nav x

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Posted 1 week ago

Mercy Tate Lynette Nabbosa

Posted 1 week ago

Missed these kind of posts from you, please keep up the good work!

Posted 1 week ago

Thanks Nav Sohanpaul

Posted 1 week ago

Scott Nnaghor check this out!