Practical Benefits From Reading Aloud

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 Dear Silent Reader,

 I was once in your shoes – but my shoes needed changing.

Just like you, I thought reading was a silent activity. It didn’t have to be, and I understand the reluctance to change ways. It’s not your fault, maybe you never had the luxury of parents voicing bedtime stories, maybe you don’t like how your voice sounds, or maybe you simply enjoy silent reading. 

Whatever your reasons, I’ve been there. And in some ways I still am there because reading aloud on the underground may give some unwanted attention. 

But I’m here to tell you it’s okay. You can read aloud. Yes, you can do so with pride, and here are 3 reasons why:

Better Articulation 

We can’t all be world-class orators, but we can all learn to speak clearly. Often we downplay plosives in our conversations. Even the t in often is seldom stressed, but reading aloud helps you emphasise these sounds, especially if you read fiction and poetry.

I also urge you to practice tongue twisters for not just better articulation but an improved diction too. My favourite is:

In tooting two tutors astute tried to toot a duke on a flute                                               

But duets so gruelling and only in duelling when tutors astute toot the flute.

Yes, to our shock, this is both grammatically correct..and fun!

Vocabulary Expansion

Our conversations also brim with filler words (and phrases) such as like, um, and okay. By reading aloud, you will banish these demons as you start to speak fluently. Unless In modern dialogues, books will include strings of well-put thoughts together along with fancy words.

In my opinion of course, you should stray from using words like felicity, appurtenance, and tessellate often or else you come across as arrogant and archaic. The wider your armoury of words, the more precise you can be, but i

Greater Confidence

Because you will better your articulation and widen your vocabulary, you will naturally speak with ease and let words flow without embarrassment.

How many times have you said something that sounded better in your head? That’s because your thoughts skip the sentences’ required grammar, style, and structure for the spoken word.

But here’s a personal reason why I read aloud. Because I love how words sound – and crucially – it doesn’t have to be from English. “Magnanimity” for example sounds like pure gold, which suits the very meaning of the word.

Regardless, if you want a better, passionate, and more articulate voice, please read aloud. Let’s not forget that because you’re hearing yourself as you read aloud, you’ll learn to better listen to others due to an acute awareness of grammar, word choice and more. 

But alas, we’ve come to the end of our journey here. It’s been fun though because I know you’ve been reading this article aloud too. 


Aloud Reader


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Thanks for this. I started doing that lately. What a coïncidence. You're so true.