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2 Jul 2021


Ever felt fake, ever felt like an utter fraud, ever looked in the mirror and was like I don’t even think I know you! Feelings of fraudulence, feeling like, ‘you aren't real, or more specifically your works and it’s triumphs aren't real’ is ironically a very real thing. It’s called the imposter syndrome. The constant questioning of your authenticity as a creative or faithful employee or anything for that matter.  

I often go through it, to me I feel as if I have good reason to go through it as does everyone who goes through imposter syndrome. We often times are predisposed to bringing ourselves down. Our writing isn't that good, our this isn't good, our that isn't good, our success is all a sham and bla bla bla bla. Society has taught us that there is always someone or something better than us, society teaches us that it doesn’t matter how good you are you’re probably still not good enough, so even if you are brilliant some subtle voice at the very back of your mind will softly say, ‘it’s still not good enough’ or ‘you got lucky there bro.’ Many a times when you see the serial worker, the quintessential workaholic that is what is what is driving them. They want to be credited as the great worker responsible for this great work, so it drives them into many a times a sleepless frenzy. I must BE THE BEST. OR(I know you don’t start a sentence with or) have you ever met the one that can't seem to find the motivation to start with that creative idea, the procrastinator? Imposter syndrome is pulling them back also. Whether or not you attach imposter syndrome to some disembodied being or just an annoying thought the fact still remains if you don’t learn to control that voice you may never do anything.  

In order to conquer this you first of all need to AGREE WITH IT: Yes, you heard me well agree with the voice, even in Christianity when believers in the faith experience imposter syndrome with intrusive thoughts such as, 'you aren't worthy to be called Christian, you aren't good enough' and bla bla we to some degree have to agree. We weren't worthy, this is why we believe God sent His son Jesus. In like manner understand that we all aren't perfect we all don’t execute anything perfectly and that’s fine, despite that we do contribute something unique and that thing we contribute no one in the entire universe can contribute and that is our sauce as my fellow peopledem would ‘say.’ Nothing in this world is perfect and no it doesn’t have to be, you ever fallen in love with a perfect person? You ever eaten a perfect meal? No. Why? Because such a thing doesn’t exist. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  

The second thing you must do is to DISAGREE WITH THAT VOICE: Sounds like a contradiction but in a way it isn't. You may slyly be a copycat, that is correct but if two people are told to describe the same thing both of them will come up with two different ways to explain it which means humans are inherently different and can't escape from that even when faced with the same situations. You can sometimes say ‘yes, I may not be all that good but I contribute something different, ‘ 

‘Yes, that thing sparked an idea in me but the way I approach it is different.’ As I said in Christianity we believe we aren't worthy, but in Christ we are worthy it is disagreeing and agreeing at the same time and it helps think of yourself in a sober, non self-depreciating fashion. Understanding your weaknesses and strengths and having balanced thoughts about them both is incredibly helpful in forming healthy ways of looking at yourself.  



When you improve be proud of yourself, don’t compare yourself to your colleagues. Be your only competitor. You don’t need to watch another man’s movements. (scuse the slang). Watch your own progress, a wise man once said, ‘those who compare themselves with themselves(others) are not wise.' He meant those who compare themselves with others aren't wise, truthfully he spoke facts. Life is a sum total of the battles you win against yourself, not the world. Each individual has their own battle to fight, worry about you and you alone! When you can do that even if that annoying voice of impostor syndrome doesn’t go away at least you’ll be able to effectively manage it. Peace!  

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Great post - very informative and I can relate massively.