If not now, when?

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30 Jun 2021


Have you ever played an instrument? Or tried to cook a new dish at home following a YouTube video? Or planned to start your business? Well, it is time to start something, because today we are going to set-do-achieve goals.

First of all, we need to want something. It can be anything and can be everything. It could be a new guitar, learn to play piano, or buy a house. It could be change your job, be more romantic, or start your business. It could be losing weight, stop smoking or win the Nobel Prize – I am not here to put the limits.

So, the special question is: What are you looking for?

Sometimes you know the answer straight away –if so, GREAT! But sometimes, we need to narrow the ideas, balance the opportunities, and make decisions.

a.   a.  Define your goals

It sounds abstract, I know, but it is easier than it looks. This can be applied to every area, bigger or smaller, of your life. You just need to organize your thoughts by replying to the questions below:

  • ·        - What do I want to accomplish?

·        - What do I would like to experience?

·       -  What do I want to acquire?

·        - Who do I want to be?

Areas of life

What do I want to accomplish?

What do I would like to experience?

What do I want to acquire?

What do you want to be?

Free time goals

Play piano

Learn music

Play a song at my daughter’s wedding

Learning new things/ improving relationship with family

Relationship goals

Cook chicken tikka masala

Show interest in somebody

Build strong connections

Be more romantic

Career goals

Change job

Grow in the company

Develop my skills-set

Manage a team

Work in fashion

Work on my dream-job

Fashion designer

Finance goals

Increase my salary

Have more stability

Better incomes

Start a business

Be my own boss

More freedom

Financially independent

If these questions are not helping you, some apps may be the best choice for you:

·        - Lifetick. This app helps you make decisions based on your values. This one will help you define your goals.

·       -  Habit list. What is a goal? With this app, you can see as processes of building habits.

·        - Goalscape. More visual than others, this app allows you to see the big picture. Easy to surf through, and very visual.

 b.      Plan the goals

Once we make clear what do we want –well done Miss and Mister you- we need to do the setting up. Learning how to play piano may push us to first learn the scales; cook a recipe will take time to do the shopping; grow in your company maybe implies take two different courses; or have your own business will make you research information about prices, market strategies, or even hire others to do some tasks for you. Everything has a process, and here is when we choose which path we are going to walk. You must enjoy the ride.

Depending on your goal, the process to achieve it may vary. But all of them have something in common:

- They need to be SMART. Just like you.

·        - Specific. Narrow them as much as you can. Be precise on what the steps are going to be.

·        - Measurable. If you can see day-to-day progress, you also can cheer up yourself every day. Being accountable for your progress -feels amazing.

·       -  Agreed/ attainable. It has to be doable. Set the days and the time to do it.

·       -  Realistic. Don't lie to yourself; be your best friend. Do not jump steps, they are all necessaries. Add more steps if needed. Adjust the times; be flexible with unexpected circumstances.

·        - Time bounded. It has to have a limited time. Nothing like a deadline to wakes everyone up!

Some online tools that are going to help you:

·        - Trello. Free, easy and total freedom for you to set up and track your progress.

·        - Google camp. For professional environments.

·        - Goal buddy. This app is created to write down the steps, and make them more accessible.

 c.      Now, tell me the truth

It is a process. Whatever you set up for yourself, is going to take time. As I said, some of them are for fun; others because you are seeking an improvement in your life. The fact is that you need to be flexible, and patient, and your best friend. Ask your family and friends for support, ask professional advice if your goals need it, and do not give up. If the process is not going as you expected: adjust the middle steps; check your expectations; use a positive mindset.

It is not going as fast as you would like: use the rule of five –identify 5 things that you can do every day to get closer to your goal. And do them. Every single day. For a week; for two weeks; for a month. You will see the progress. I do promise this. Because if not now, when?

Which tips do you use? Do you have a secret tool that can help others as well? Please, leave a comment about it and help others to achieve what you already had.

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Thank you for this...Great read. :-)