Marital challenges...

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21 Jun 2021


This is how some of you are suffering in that marriage but .... you stay.

You were born alone and you will die alone. Children or not, please my brothers and sisters, for the sake of your well-being, stay away from eachother or go therapy together.

Devil presented you a guy or woman that looked good in the present, you did not discern well or could not see tomorrow but you fell in love. Maybe you should have stood in love.

Parents stop advising your female children to not worry if the guy has money or not.

He doesn't have to be a millionaire but he must have an idea of what he wants in life so that, your female daughter can  have an idea where he is going.

A man that wants to be around you for life, will also direct you, and prepare you in the direction he is going before he marries you.

He can also wait to marry you, before he can sleep with you. This is how it should be and I'm glad I finally got that.

A man that is investing money in your business, your dream without you giving him the cookie ????, is worth saying yes to when he propose. That's a man that believes in himself.

"We live,learn and do better" (c) Niina Kabesa

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Posted 1 month ago

Thanks for this..very powerful! Lynette Nabbosa Ivy Kayima