Celebrate your diversity

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4 Jun 2021


In a society that tell us to be perfect and where body positivity, body shaming, skinny shaming and fat shaming co-exist, what is the right path to take in order to accept our bodies?

No smudges accepted in our current society. A society where a perfect body attracts more people than a brain. I’ve always thought that social media were a double edged weapon: they connect you to the rest of the world but they also impose you ‘certain standards’. That's why we have to learn how to love our bodies before anybody else.

Here’s a tip from me: you do not need other people’s acceptance to love yourself. Love yourself for the person you are, inside and out. You’re special just the way you are, because every part of your body represents a journey that goes back to hundreds of years. You may not like your nose, but you know what? You are who you are because you are different. If everybody would have the nose of Kim Kardashian, everybody would be the same. 

The beauty of human beings lies into diversity. Stop looking at pictures of models on Instagram asking yourself why you’re not like them. They are not real and when the filter moves, they’re normal human being like us, with cellulite and skin marks.

No matter how hard it could be to accept your body, try. Celebrate your body because you’re alive. Enjoy eating a crepes with Nutella when you want and don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. Food is life and we do not need to deprive our selves for some imaginary beauty standard. 

Workout because you want to become stronger, not because you want to become a model. And if you don’t like working out don’t. Celebrate your body with the dress or skirt that you like without thinking about how your legs will look or what people will say about you.

To end this article I’d like to share with you one of my favourite quotes ever from Sophia Loren “I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0”.

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