Is there a positive mental impact from Coronavirus?

Posted by marco-ricci
For the past few weeks, I've been talking to people about how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected their mental health. To begin with, I presumed a lot of people would relay negative experiences, perhaps an increase in bouts of anxiety and depression. And there definitely are a lot of negative experiences. But I'm also hearing a lot of positive stories. People are finding it easier to (re)focus their energy on projects they've left behind, pick up activities they've been interested in for years, or even reconnect with loved ones. So my question to this community is this: do you think there is a positive mental impact from Coronavirus? If so, in what way? And how has it positively impacted you?

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great post bro I feel with the current trend now more then ever its vital we stay mentally sane. Only positive is time slowing down to recharge but honestly how much is that doing?
Posted 1 month ago
I see what you mean. I personally have found the slowing down part a good thing once I'd got used to being at home all the time. This period has helped me rediscover the things that I've let fall by the wayside because I've been so engrossed in work and study. I like to think other people are having the same experience, but I'm still hearing stories of people struggling to cope with having their usual schedule taken away from them. It's really interesting to hear the different perspectives people have on the scenario.
Posted 1 month ago
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