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24 May 2021


The solution for the disappearing children is this:

Start going everywhere with your under-18 children, and let those who are in their teens walk in groups.

It really fascinates me how some parents literally believe that sending their 10 year olds to go to a shop in the next town is showing them how to be independent.

The danger here is that you are teaching them how to be adults before they become adults. It's like pushing a baby to run before they can crawl.

My friends, there's some independent things you do not show at a 10 year old because of how they reason.

Some child told my 12-year-old that it was uncool to have his mum tag along with him in the park and everywhere he goes.

They tried to bully my son because I take him everywhere. They told him to hang around the high street and I said no, and for that, he was bullied.

I told my son the following:

Those people are jealous of you because their parents ignore them, that is why they are on the streets; having nothing to come home to but complaining parents, etc.

I may be a Christian now, but I wasn't always a saint. I was never street wise, I was the street lamp, who showed people the way in the dark. I know these boys are waiting for the opportunity to jump my boy when I'm not there.

Listen, what I am doing to my son now will cause him to be emotionally balanced by the time he’s 18 years old.

My eldest daughter, who is now 19, does not go out like she always wanted to go out when she was under eighteen.


Because when she was a child, at that time, she was driven by her peers to want to go out and just hang around, never knowing where they were going.

Parenting comes with no manual; therefore, you must have strong and strategic parenting skills to really raise children and teenagers in this 21st century.

Parents, understand that children are born to be parented effectively. Many parents think that I'm too strict with my children.


I am parenting my children in line with the UK law. Until they are 18, if anything happens to any of my children when they are outside, I am to blame. If they want freedom, they will wait until 18.

Until then, I am tagging along everywhere with all of my under 18 children. No one will take your child if you are by their side.

They do not need to play outside with their friends all the time. Let them make friends with children whose parents you know and have their contact numbers.

Please, protect your own children in the physical before you pray to God to protect them in the spiritual. God is a God of order.

In the UK, the law is clear: any child who is under 18 is not yet an adult. Please, never allow them to move alone when under 18. I do not care how tall they look; they still think like a child and see from an innocent point of view.

They do not yet understand the world as an adult, that's why we teach them the "Strangers Danger" theory.

When they are older, that is when they must now discern and listen to people attentively in case they hear any loopholes.

Parent your kids my people. Please. You only have to wait until they are 18.

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