Marriage, what is it?

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17 May 2021


Did you know that marriage is the only place on earth where God rests?

He created them male and female on the sixth day, and on their first day of marriage which was the seventh day, God rested.


Well, people rest for many reasons but on this occasion, God rested because everything was complete. (Both male and female were complete)!

Marriage is spiritual first because God created them in spirit first and He rested in the spirit first and their first marriage was first in spirit.

What is a spirit?

The dictionary will say things you do not see, but according to Bible, the words we speak are spirit and give life.

Whether that dude in your workplace keeps calling you "my wife" or that aunty keeps calling your son "my husband", just know in the spiritual realm, it registers has marriage. Spiritual realm do not know Joke.

This is the reason why you should always reject all words spoken over your children head when they are younger, knowingly or unknowingly, reject it through prayer.

That's why I speak over my children’s life, and because I am the one that carried them in me, no one word can stick to them.

Now, many people think the real marriage happens when the family meet. No.

It starts when the two people meet and talk about getting married, and agree to it.  God is where two or three are.

Amos 3:3 says clearly that two can not walk together unless they agree. However, at times one of the two hearts’ motive is not in the right place, and this is where you associate God, in the courtship moment.

People can not lie forever. At some point the truth will always come out, soon or later.

If two people agree in truth and spirit, just know that the physical marriage will be one with everything, completely complete without issues.

Yes, I said it right.

Marriage does not have issues, it is the people that have the issues.

So, my friends, desire to get married God's way and you will see how good it is.

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