What is happening in Israel and Palestine?

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15 May 2021


As soon as you hear the words “Israel” or “Palestine” you immediately think of war, and it’s not hard to see why. The country of Israel and the unrecognised occupied area of Palestine have recently made headlines in the news all over the world. There is currently one of the biggest conflicts going on in the area since the 90s.

This situation wasn’t always like this. The land that is now known as Israel-Palestine used to be part of the Ottoman empire. After WWI, the empire got defeated by the British and collapsed. Due to this collapse, the British took over most of the land in and around Palestine and after WWII when a lot of Jews fled to the area, the United Nations and The UK decided to split the land in two. One state for Jews and one state for Muslims. In 1948, the Jews declared independence and set up the new country Israel. This is when Palestine attacked Israel because it did not agree with Israel’s independence and this erupted into a war.

After the war ended there were a couple more wars and conflicts between Israel, Palestine and even Egypt and Jordan. Ultimately, it was a victory for Israel who was backed by the USA and it gave rise to the current conflict that we have seen in the news recently.

What is happening now is basically a fight between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza strip against Hamas, who are a Palestinian militant group occupying and controlling the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank against protesters.

It began last week when the Israeli government evicted multiple families out of their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem. Not only have Palestinians been evicted but Israel’s government has encouraged Jews to migrate to the state of Palestine in secret while also saying that doing so is illegal. Since this area is technically a part of Palestine the Palestinians started protesting as Israel’s actions are illegal under international law. The protests quickly got out of control and the next day, the police attacked the al-Aqsa mosque. Bare in mind that this was during Ramadan and at the time, the mosque was filled with praying Muslims.

Furthermore, the conflict in Gaza is happening because of the police storming of the al-Aqsa mosque. Hamas threatened the Israeli police to withdraw their forces by 6PM on 10 May or face the consequences. Minutes after 6PM, Hamas started firing multiple rockets into Israel, as many as 150. Soon after, Israel has fired back into Gaza. As of the writing of this article, the bombing is currently still going on and both parties have killed dozens of people so far including children. 

It seems to be a very unfair fight since Israel is far more advanced with its army and the Iron Dome Defence System and therefore over 120 people so far have been killed just in Gaza alone whether as only 10 deaths in the whole of Israel.

It is a developing situation but a solution with a peaceful ending does not seem to be likely to happen any time soon. If you want to be kept up to date you can click here for a live coverage of the events surrounding Israel and Palestine.

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