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Black volunteer content writers needed!


Looking for volunteer Black Writers!

About Us:

We are the social marketplace network Spiela.

Spiela is a collaborative network empowering young people/working professionals as a whole, but with a particular mission to engage those from underserved backgrounds and ensure that they have a safe and supportive space in which to engage and network with others and opportunities.

Spiela facilitates networking and conversation covering a diverse range of topics including business and employment, education, faith, culture and politics. We provide a Question and answer side which gives us a more collaborative and educational aspect to what we do. We have had celebrities such as Britains first muslim astronaut astronaut Hussain Manawer, activists, authors, politicians such as Andrew Fisher, policy adviser for Jeremy Corbyn and many more speak directly with the Spiela community. We are also in partnership with Facebook london and EY foundation.

The main goal is to create a product that provides opportunities through collaboration whilst simultaneously providing more information on various topics for the community We believe everyone is influential in some way so anyone is allowed to join, contribute and share their view on the platform for the world to see.

The Role: Content Writer

Overall Purpose of the job: 

To write professional and engaging content on many different subject matters.

Responsible for:

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