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7 Tips To Help Social Media Anxiety

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend.

I recently wrote an article around social media anxiety.

Whilst social media has some amazing benefits such as allowing us to connect with more people, even learning new things and offering an outlet when we need a pick me up – the downside also needs to be acknowledged.

Recent studies reflect that higher amounts of screen time are associated with increased levels of stress and anxiety. In fact, a great deal of social media users are anxious and turn to social platforms to escape their worries but end up developing another element of anxiety when interacting with digital content.

My relationship with social media has changed significantly since experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and has allowed me to have a healthier approach to the online world.

I want to share 7 honest and effective tips to help social media anxiety - you can read the article here.

I really hope you find this useful and would love to know your comments.

Lots of love,

Nav x


19 Apr 2021

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