Taking L's: Dealing with failure

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17 Apr 2021


Taking L's: Dealing with failure

In my very long 26 years of living there's one thing I've observed that absolutely mystifies the human race, failure. Human beings no matter how you look at it just cant stand taking L's, this is probably to do with the fact that we are creatures of vision, creatures of aspiration, creatures of progress everything we do is not for now but for the future and failure seemingly puts a damper in the works. It stunts progress. It puts us on hold and in many cases discourages us from ever pursuing forward movement ever again, so because of this we over emphasise failure. We often distance ourselves from every semblance of failure, we sometimes put up our noses at people who we deem to be failures (albeit not to their face)

All because failure isn

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Posted 5 months ago

Lynette Nabbosa