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Taking L's: Dealing with failure

Taking L's: Dealing with failure

In my very long 26 years of living there's one thing I've observed that absolutely mystifies the human race, failure. Human beings no matter how you look at it just cant stand taking L's, this is probably to do with the fact that we are creatures of vision, creatures of aspiration, creatures of progress everything we do is not for now but for the future and failure seemingly puts a damper in the works. It stunts progress. It puts us on hold and in many cases discourages us from ever pursuing forward movement ever again, so because of this we over emphasise failure. We often distance ourselves from every semblance of failure, we sometimes put up our noses at people who we deem to be failures (albeit not to their face)

All because failure isn’t a great look. In many cases it isn’t, but it is a part of life, a vital part of life I might add. In other words it’s needed, let me give you three reasons why:

Great successes are born from great failures
Thomas Edison, yes, the one who invented the light bulb, did you know he was fired from two jobs on account of being too unproductive? In school he was deemed 'too stupid to learn anything' in addition to that it took him 1,000 attempts to create the light bulb, yet on the 1,001st attempt he came up with the life changing invention of the light bulb.

When Michael Jordan one of the greatest athletes to ever grace a sports arena first tried out for his high school team he was deemed too short to play for his high school team.

The owner of KFC kept on taking Ls until he was 65 and came up with the sensational recipe that we now know and love.

From great failures comes great success. You must understand. When you fail, you learn. You see, that, 'wait a, b, c, doesn’t work, let me try x,y,z'
Every failure is truly not a failure but a win in disguise. It's a chance to become more wiser, to become more experienced. Experience is a priceless commodity within the workforce and within life so every opportunity to learn and start again is a blessing in disguise. These men learnt from their failures, applied a little more forethought or tried something completely different sometimes numerous times until it worked. Each failure was one step closer to success, therefore whenever you fail or take an L, don’t give up look at what didn’t work, change up the method and come back stronger than before. The key here is to learn from your mistake and do better next time.

Failure keeps you humble
Pride and arrogance is on demand these days. Many a times when you've had it too easy in life you get uppity you act entitled, failure makes you understand that you're not necessarily special. If person a took an L, and I did I'm no better than him or her so allow me to humble myself and treat everyone equally, therefore failure builds this little thing that allows that allows gifted people to be great, character. What does character do? It gives you this equally nice word, longevity. Without longevity you become a gifted person with potential instead of a great person who made history.


Failure makes you Stronger

What doesn't kill you will indeed make you stronger. Whether you like to admit it or not. Victory or success is a product of strength. I don’t mean strength in terms of brawn, but ability. Endurance therefore cultivates strength, what do you mean? Take the gym for example, any faithful gym goer knows if they want to build a certain amount of muscle they must undergo strength training. Strength training is done by subjecting your muscles to resistance. As you go on your muscles learn to endure and adjust to this endurance, this pain, and your muscles adjust by getting larger because this is how your body will be able to handle the resistance. Every failure or quote and quote resistance you face imparts you with enough strength next time to lift more and to do more, failure therefore makes you stronger, however like the faithful gym goer in order to build adequate muscle you must be consistent. In life you must be consistent otherwise the strength to overcome failure will never come. Each time Edison failed in his invention what was he building? strength.
Each time MJ practiced his jump-shots and missed what was he building? Strength.
Now when you see the finished product you're seeing a product of what? Strength.
Every failed relationship, failed business venture is the strength training you need to adequately handle your season of success. When you fail, you learn. When you learn, you try again, and when you consistently try again eventually you succeed.
I'll say it like Anthony Joshua does, don’t let success get to your head and don’t let failures get to your heart.


17 Apr 2021

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