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Bored during lockdown? We got you covered with these Zoom games

Let’s be honest, lockdown has been very hard on most people, if not everyone. We are still in a global pandemic but there’s hopefully an ending in sight with multiple vaccines rolling out in the UK and other countries and soon the rest of the world.

While in lockdown it’s hard to think of what to do when you’re not busy with work. It is also especially hard to meet other people in and around your house. Fortunately, there are a bunch of ways to still be in contact with those people. The new program Zoom that could not have come more at the right time. I personally use Zoom quite often and it’s especially really fun to play games with those people you are unable to see right now.

It’s in particularly fun to play games on your phone while on Zoom with other people and therefore, here are a few examples starting off with some of my personal favourites.


This is a game similar to Cards Against Humanity and it basically lets you finish a sentence. You have different packs of different categories that you can choose from. Everyone you play with gets to have a go and put in an answer. Afterwards everyone picks whichever answer they find most funny or relatable and whoever gets the most votes at the end, wins! Psych is available for free on IOS and Android. If you want to add extra packs to play with they are around £3 each. (Depending on what currency you use)

Among us:

Believe it or not but Among Us is actually really fun to play with friends over Zoom. The most fun is of course when you have 9 other people so you can fill an entire lobby and all discuss over who the impostor is. For those who are not quite familiar with Among Us. It is a game in where there are  a maximum of 10 people and you are all in an arena-type map. Either 1 or 2 people are “Impostors” and the role of the Impostors are to kill all the Crewmates. The role of the Crewmates is to complete multiple tasks throughout the map. The game can be won by either party. The impostors win by killing everyone and the Crewmates win by completing all their tasks. Among Us is available for free on IOS and Android.. The game is also on PC for £3.99 available on Steam.


Ludo is a board game made into a mobile game. Some people call it Frustration others say Headache. Me, I used to call it “Mens Erger Je Niet!” which translates to “Mate, Don’t Get Angry” from Dutch. The game is really simple. You have 4 pawns that you need to get across the board and home. If you land on someone else’s pawn they go back to the start position. Whoever gets all their pawns home first is the winner. Ludo is a free to play game on IOS and Android.


Funnily enough, Kahoot is really fun to do with friends on Zoom. You may have used this in school or university with a lecturer. Basically In Kahoot you can make quizzes for the others to do. Pick any category and there you go. There is some preparation involved in it but once you have built your quiz it is really fun. With the free version you can pick both true or false questions or multiple choice. If you get the paid variant you gain access to more features like writing down your own answer instead of multiple choice. The quizzes are the most fun the more people you play with. Per right answer and depending on how quick you answer you get points. After the quiz is done, whoever has the most points, wins! How it works for Zoom is that you are able to share your screen that have the questions on it and on your phone you answer questions either on the website or the IOS or Android app. is pretty much Pictionary. You take turns and you select a word. You then get 80 seconds to draw the word and the others have to guess what it is. If you make a private room with all your friends you can even add your own custom words and phrases to draw! This is perfect for inside jokes or things that relate to you as a group. is free to play online.

Hopefully with some of my suggestions you’ll be able to entertain both yourself and your friends online via Zoom. Keep in mind that in order to be able to be on a Zoom call with more than 2 people for longer than 40 minutes, you have to have a premium version of the app.

Let me know what your favourite games are to play on Zoom or do you have any other ideas on how to best play games with your friends?


13 Apr 2021

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