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Communications Freelancers Interim Vacancy


Scoping potential communications freelancers to fill an interim vacancy

Hi all! I work at the charity Health Poverty Action as the Communications Manager but will be leaving the post next week. We are thinking about hiring a communications freelancer who can keep the website, social media and emails ticking over until the new position is filled later in the year. If anyone has any recommendations that would be grand!

Some weeks will only need a few hours of work, but around end of April/May we will be launching a fundraising campaign which would require a little more work (potentially 3 full days a week). We're looking for someone who could be quite flexible with timings ideally and log hours worked per week due to the fluctuation in demand, but if you'd rather work a different way just let us know when you get in touch.

We're ideally looking for someone who has worked with a campaigning organisation with experience in fundraising marketing comms, social media and website CMS. Experience working on international development and/or drug policy would be a plus! We also have a specific style of language which we use based on Values & Frames research that the person would need to be comfortable using:

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