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Creative Leader FUTUREHEADS


Hackney Showroom is looking for a creative leader to oversee our FUTUREHEADS weekly club for 8-11 year olds on Kings Crescent Estate, Hackney.

The project runs for 9 weeks from 22 May, 4-6pm. The group size is 15 kids per session.

The role involves bringing our dedicated team of youth leaders together to plan and deliver 9 sessions. FUTUREHEADS is part of Hackney Showroom's NEW FUTURISM strand of work which is concerned with tooling ourselves up to face an uncertain future. The postholder will deliver activities across our three NEW FUTURISM themes:

  1. Creativity - activities that develop creative skills such as problem solving, lateral thinking, collaboration and innovation
  2. Utility - activities that explore usefulness and resourcefulness - anything from carpentry, physical computing, food growing, electronics, bike building, foraging, tool making etc.
  3. Justice - activities that explore citizenship, activism and organising

You'll have a small budget for materials, equipment, trips and guest practitioners.


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